Man Hands @ Trunk Space

There's no shortage of female musicians strutting their stuff on YouTube. Notable Phoenix contributions include Michelle Blades and her ukulele and The Teeets, with their goofy PSAs, but stumbling across songwriter Jackie Cruz's "Not Me" feels different. Before launching into a grungy guitar riff, she warns she may have ripped off a Sonic Youth idea. Whether or not she did, the video instantly captivates, as do her performances with relatively new local act Man Hands. Since last summer, the band has built its name on a steady stream of shows, supporting touring punk bands in venues like Trunk Space and Meat Market Garment Factory. Cruz takes turns singing with fellow guitarist Marcus Berry, alternating post-punk vibes with Seattle grunge nostalgia and a dash of riot grrrl gumption. The four-piece plays the kind of distortion-heavy music you want to hear during rainy monsoon nights — raucous, nasty stuff (their Facebook interests include "finger fucking" and "transubstantiation"). All silliness aside, Man Hands takes itself seriously in all the right ways, making uncomplicated and moody music that's so genuine it becomes addicting.

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