MC Magic Explains Why "We Can't Stop" Is the Right Move For Miley Cyrus

Within 24 hours the new Miley Cyrus single, "We Can't Stop," hit over two million plays, and I predict 100 million within a week. At first listen it feels like the intro for a new song by 2 Chainz, especially considering the stamp producer Mike Will Made It leaves on it. (To say MWMI is currently a hot producer is an understatement; he's recently delivered hip hop chart-toppers for everyone from Lil Wayne to Future to Rick Ross.)

Miley's also walking the controversy tightrope again, with lyrics that many are taking as a plug for a popular party drug: "We like to party / Dancing with Molly / Doing whatever we want."

In a report on TMZ Mike WiLL Made It defended the pop superstar, insisting that the lyrics actually say "Dancing with Miley."

But what matters most for Miley is whether it sounds good on the radio and in the club. For me, the answer's yes! We analyzed the record Tuesday on the morning show, and Carrie Moten thought Miley was trying too hard to be Rihanna, the reigning queen of pop music worldwide.

But truthfully, looking at the state of hip-hop and pop records, a song like her biggest previous hit, "Party in the USA," just wouldn't work. It looks as though Cyrus realizes that shocking lyrics will make headlines and reach the hearts of today's party-goers, who seem addicted to taking it to the "next level."

Miley fans have been waiting three years for this release, and I'm willing to bet her core fans have grown up, just as she has -- no doubt we'll have parents of new preteens badmouthing her, but she's only following her gut, and artistically, I think it's a good move. There's no denying that urban records are making their mark on pop culture and that will be the reason this song blows up.

After the jump: Listen to the song for yourself, and talk to us in the comments about how you think Miley Cyrus will make a video for a song about doing lines and shakin' it like you're in a strip club.

My prediction: I think critics will doubt the ex-Disney-Channel superstar can pull this off until the release of her music video takes it to that "next level." It'll be interesting to see where she goes with the video, considering she has lyrics like "Everyone in line in the bathroom, trying to get a line in the bathroom" and "To my homegirls here with the big butts, shakin' it like we in a strip club" to illustrate.

On Monday, Miley Cyrus world-premièred the single on Ryan Seacrest's show, where she was greeted by fans who'd waited all night to meet her, some coming from as far as London. At the première she credited her fans as the reason all her projects have done so well. She also mention that we might see her "twerkin'" in the music video, which is set to come out within 10 days.

By Tuesday, "We Can't Stop" was No. 1 on iTunes, which is a good indication of how successful this new project will be.

Blessings, Love & Music, MC Magic

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