Meet Mexican Summer's Jess Rotter, Whose Art You've Probably Already Enjoyed

By Michael Alan Goldberg

Jess Rotter truly racked up the frequent flyer miles this year. The long-time in-house publicist and marketing wiz for Brooklyn-based indie record label Mexican Summer practically lived in airplanes, repeatedly jetting out west and back to handle her duties repping Best Coast--the label's biggest success story to date, as the band crossed over to mainstream fanfare this year on the heels of their second album, The Only Place. Rotter found herself busier and more harried than at any point in her decade-long career inside the music industry.

Up in the air, though, was Rotter's time, and the cabin became her art studio. "I knew I was gonna have six hours of time where I could concentrate--I'd put on my iPod and just draw," she says.

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