Michael Stipe of REM said he tried to reach out to Kurt Cobain as an attempt to help save Cobain's life, according to NME.

Michael Stipe Tried to Record With Kurt Cobain and Save His Life

Stipe recently told Interview Magazine that he devised a plan to try to save Cobain from the awful state of mind he was in before he killed himself. He wanted to do a recording project with Cobain. However, Cobain was not responsive to Stipe's offer, kept himself cooped up in his home, and refused his help.

"I sent [Cobain] a plane ticket and a driver, and he tacked the plane ticket to the wall in the bedroom and the driver sat outside the house for 10 hours," Stipe said. "Kurt wouldn't come out and wouldn't answer the phone."

Stipe said he did what he thought was the best thing to do. "I reached out to him with that project as an attempt to prevent what was going to happen," Stipe said.

So many people wish that Cobain would have accepted the help of those who offered it to him. Yet Michael Stipe was one of many of Cobain's friends and fellow musicians who just couldn't get through to Cobain no matter how hard they tried.

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