Out of Reverie Tour: Day 6

Last night was definitely one to remember, but as much as we wanted to stay in Eugene, we had to move on to the next show.

Traveling ahead unded up being a very good decision as Tacoma rocked all our socks off. So, after a little afternoon breakfast with Nic at Brails, we packed the van back up and headed for Tacoma so the guys could play at the Red Room later that night.

Throughout this trip, the amazing beauty of the Northwest has constantly amazed all of us.

For a bunch of kids who grew up in the middle of the desert, the abundance of greenery and rivers and sub-80 degree temperatures has come as a wonderful surprise.

Driving for hours and hours every single day starts to get monotonous after a while, but the beautiful scenery has made the trips a little more bearable.

After about five hours of driving through forests and cool looking cities like Portland, we arrived in Tacoma. I swear, I thought hills like the ones throughout that city only existed in movies and shows set in San Francisco.

I started to get a little worried about our old van. But she made it through and got us to the little strip mall where the venue is located.

We sat in the parking lot for an hour so and moved in and out talking to the super nice staff at the place before settling in to watch the first band, How to Operate Your Brain. These kids knew how to rock. They don't even have a recording out yet (though one is on the way, but they knew how to straight up jam. Think a younger version of American Football.

Right at the start of Out of Reverie's set, they challenged the crowd to one-up the previous city and even stoked a little rivalry between Oregon and Washington.

The crowd, mostly kids in their teens and early twenties, seemed a little tentative at first, but they started to get their groove on to "Sun Song," especially when the staff in the sound booth turned on a strobe and started getting down with their bad selves.

The rest of the set was high energy and the group that showed up for the show stayed into it until the end.

Out of Reverie decided to try out the "Where is My Mind" cover again (after playing for the first time last night) and a few patrons erupted into applause.

I think I smell a band tradition in the making.

Well, I am going to cut this blog a little short because I am sweating my ass off in here (the venue is getting pretty toasty even though it is pretty cool out side; even though we should be used to the heat, it is getting to me).

After cooling off, we are going to head back inside to watch the last band before heading into Seattle to meet up with some friends for grub.

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