Out of Reverie Tour: Day 8

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Well folks, this last post is kind of a sad one. The two local bands on the Las Vegas show dropped out at the lat minute, which forced the promoter to cancel Out of Reverie's last scheduled date.

We kicked around a few options and Darian Reneé (the singer of Salt the Sea who happens to be involved in everything music and gave us a place to stay) made tons of phone calls on the band's behalf, but we found no solution.

Ending the tour early and enjoying our last day in Boise ended up being the best option. After recovering from numerous canceled shows during the tour, this final one sounded the death knell.

But we made the best of the situation and spent the rest of the day in Boise chilling with Darian.

Our entire morning and afternoon was spent jamming to acoustic songs with our host. While she was very modest, her voice is seriously amazing, which we found out through our butchered versions of everything from Weezer to Bright Eyes.

I then recorded Darian and the guys playing "Sun Song" and she interviewed the band for her music site, Live Out Loud Music.

We then headed out for some pizza before going back to her house to gear up for the drive to Salt Lake (where we would break before driving to Las Vegas).

That is when Dain received the fatal call. The promoter tried to help the guys out by mentioning a rockabilly show, but they would have to play after the headliner on bill that was already full.

Darian used her contacts to get in touch with various venues between Boise and Las Vegas, but nothing turned up.

So, we hung out for awhile, mulled our options and decided to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

The movie theater in Boise was ridiculously huge and we had a pretty good time seeing the flick (I will save the review for the movie department).

We finished off the night with a midnight trip to Dennys--the perfect end to our trip. We got milkshakes, ate diner food and goofed off. We introduced Darian and Sam to the sandwich game (I don't have time to explain it) and I smashed a hamburger due to the aforementioned game.

Hamburger bun got stuck in my knuckle.

Sure, it was a somewhat anticlimactic end to the tour, but at least we were having a good time.

We also added one more person to the list of amazing friends we've made. And the layover in Boise wasn't a total loss on the business side of things for Out of Reverie, either.

Darian knows bands, promoters and venues all over the place and also happens to dig the guys' music. She has graciously offered to help get Out of Reverie's music out to everyone she can.

Not to mention she is just a great person. And her Mom lived in Scottsdale a long time ago, so she has a few Phoenix roots. It was really a joy to meet her, hang out for a day, and hear about all of the things this young lady (who is younger than all of us) has accomplished.

She works with record companies. She is in like five bands. And she is a sweet lady. It is enough to inspire a struggling band and writer to work that much harder to succeed. We can only hope that our 16-hour drive home is a success.

So what if the show was canceled. So what if almost nothing went as planned on this trip.

We hit the road looking for a ten-day party and we got something pretty close to it. We met more amazing people than I can count and Out of Reverie got some more tour time under their belt.

A predictable story is hardly worth telling, so you can bet your ass I am glad this one was anything but.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.