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Catch Music by Phoenix Band MRCH on This Season of The Twilight Zone

Mickey (left) and Jesse Pangburn of MRCH, seen here at a show at Valley Bar, can be heard on your TV.
Mickey (left) and Jesse Pangburn of MRCH, seen here at a show at Valley Bar, can be heard on your TV. Chris Trian

Do not adjust your television: That is the sound of Phoenix duo MRCH on Jordan Peele's The Twilight Zone reboot.

The entire second season was released to the CBS All Access Streaming Platform last week, and MRCH's song "Impulse," a haunting, synthy track featuring Mickey Pangburn's ethereal voice, is featured in episode five, "Among the Untrodden," about a group of teenage girls who may have psychic abilities.

Pangburn, who is one-half of MRCH along with her husband, Jesse, says "Impulse" was put on the show through their agents Ghost Town, a music licensing company in Los Angeles. And The Twilight Zone isn't the first time MRCH's songs have been used in TV; their music also can be heard on Shameless, The Vampire Diaries, and 13 Reasons Why, among other programs.

Like so many other musicians, MRCH found some of their projects derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year.

"We had a secondary project that we were working on just prior [to the pandemic], had been focusing on it and those plans sort of got indefinitely postponed," Pangburn says. "A lot of them had to do with live scenarios and groups of people, so without knowing when that will actually be able to happen, we started working on a new MRCH EP."

There's no release date on that EP yet, but Pangburn says that the first song off it should be available digitally in the next month or two.

"There's truly no hard date on it, because all of the hard dates we’ve had this year have been completely crushed, so we’re trying not to do that. I think all people feel that way right now," she adds.

"I feel like we’re just in the same boat as a lot of our friends, you know: You want to use this time to be creative, but it’s also really hard to do that right now most of the time, so it's just this balance. But we’re really excited that we’ve been able to muster enough energy to do something, and we feel excited about these new songs."

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