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R. Kelly Cruise Canceled: Looks Like an Arizona-Based Company Is To Blame

See also: The R. Kelly Love Letter Cruise Sets Sail in October! It's a pretty damn pleasurable idea: R. Kelly, a bunch of partiers, on a boat. But R. Kelly announced via his website on Friday, August 10, 2012 that the R. Kelly Love Letters Cruise was off, stating the folks that booked the thing, the Tucson-based Concert Cruise LLC, haven't paid him.

Via R. Kelly's site:

Concerts Cruise LLC has been unable to meet its financial obligations to a scheduled cruise with featured performer R. Kelly and will therefore have to cancel this cruise. R. Kelly had been looking forward to the cruise and was ready, willing and able to perform for fans. He is sorry for any disappointment but plans to see his fans very soon on a U.S. tour. Ticket holders should contact Concerts Cruise LLC to handle refunds.

Dan Gibson at Tucson Weekly (he occasionally graces the pages of New Times, too) broke the news Tuesday, August 14 that Concerts Cruise LLC is based in Tucson (they've got an address in Phoenix as well) and that the company had scrubbed the Internet of its presence, deleting its website, social media accounts, and wasn't answering the phone (they didn't answer a call from us, either, when we dialed 520-623-7839).

(Quick aside: R. Kelly's new album, Write Me Back, is really freaking good.)

Fans are understandably bummed (and so are all of us who simply enjoy imagining how fun a R. Kelly cruise would be), especially "Zodi," who wrote on Kelly's page:

R Kelly will you please post the name and phone number of the people you were working with. We need to get our money back and Concert Cruise have removed all information from the internet and I'm afraid they will disappear all together. They've refunded $1590.22 but still owe $1872+, so I'm asking for your help.

Will Concert Cruise LLC disappear forever? Will R. Kelly help Zodi? This isn't as dramatic and exciting as an R. Kelly cruise would undoubtedly be, but it's close.

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