Rapper Hannibal Leq Celebrates Birthday, Hype Music Deal With The New F-O's Show at The Roxy

The Hype Music project has added another Arizona rapper to its family. Mesa's lyrical linguist Hannibal Leq has joined the MTV and Extreme Music partnership.

The last time we saw Leq he was rocking the microphone alongside The New F-O's MCs Pancho and Lifted in our exclusive video. As a member of The New F-O's, Leq was already involved with Hype, but this new solo deal recognizes the big man's individual skills. On November 25, you'll be able to catch Hannibal Leq live and in full effect as he and rapping quintet, Empire, open up for his Hype music stablemates at The Roxy Lounge in Scottsdale.

The news comes just in time for Leq's birthday, which they'll be celebrating that Friday night.

He's already performed and collaborated with hip-hop heavyweights like, 50-Cent, Method Man and Rick Ross to name a few; and with this new deal, the horizon's looking damn good. On top of all that his solo project, Flyin' Home is set to drop next month under LA-based Kops and Robbers. It's just another case of an Arizona musician doing big things.

[Update: Flyin' Home is being released by Hype Music. Kops and Robbers will be releasing Leq's next project expected out sometime next year.]

Up on the Sun caught up with Hannibal Leq to get the scoop on the latest happenings. Follow the jump for more from our quick email interview...

Up on the Sun: How's it going Leq? You got a Birthday Bash coming up so I have to ask the obligatory question: How many years you got under your belt now?

Hannibal Leq: I'm doin' great man. Next Sunday I turn the big 2-5. Again, for the umpteenth time [laughs].

Can you catch us up with what's new?

Got a lot of new stuff poppin' off. The Extreme/hype deal, Angry Mobb Publishing deal, and a deal with Kops and Robbers.

We heard about your addition to the Hype family. Can you talk about what Hype Music means to you? What was your reaction when you got the news?

Being on Hype is a big deal to me. It's a better chance to get my music to bigger regions than I could have normally reached. I was excited when Russ [CEO of Extreme/Hype Music] finally asked me to join the family. I was always family by default, (The New F-O's), but now I'm standing on my own two!

You've performed with some of hip-hop's biggest names, any upcoming collaborations we can look forward to?

No collabs planned just yet, but there is a few tricks up my sleeve.

The year is all but done, what's on the agenda for the upcoming year?

Total domination. That's it - 2012 is the year I start feeding my family.

Make sure y'all tune in man because it's 'bouta be a fun ride. And I'll see ya'll at my party on the 25th at The Roxy Lounge. Be on the look out for my new project, Flyin' Home, droppin' on iTunes December 13.

Shouts out to The New F-O's [Pancho, Lifted, Bradley, Rizzo, Berns & Cooter] and big ups to Empire [Flossi, Poke, Jade and Life]. Be ready ya'll we gon' rock this piece. Oh yeah, and ya'll buying my drinks all night.

You can follow Hannibal Leq on Twitter and Facebook.

The New F-O's and special guests Empire play the Roxy Lounge, Friday, November, 25.

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