Record Heat: The Bachelor Party by Brad Dwyer

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Bachelor parties are a tradition. The kind of debauched, "I-can't-believe-we-did-that" bone-headed tradition that works for popcorn flicks (coming soon: The Hangover 3: Still Hangin', where the boys find themselves in outer space or something).

But a DIY bachelor party sounds more my speed.

That's what's going down in this installment of Brad Dwyer's Record Heat, where our hero finds himself catching a show from Rumspringer, a band our own Serene Dominic described like this:

"It would be hard to find something more punk rock than Rumspringer, a band not unlike The Replacements in its ability to not to give a shit and to care too much at the same time. More likely, the band maintains a wait-and-see-what-comes-to-us approach to shield itself from big-headed expectations that fell lesser bands."

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