Rising Pain's "The Price We Pay," Explained by the Band

Local metal band Rising Pain recently released a new EP, War of Souls, at a raucous show late last month at Chaser's in south Scottsdale. Frequent Up on the Sun readers might recall that the band was involved in an unfortunate incident last summer when band members and several concertgoers were arrested and, according to several eyewitness reports, allegedly roughed up by Tempe police officers after being ejected from Club Red for violating the venue's questionable "no moshing" policy.

Rising Pain guitarist Ricky Racines reports that, after briefly considering a lawsuit, the band has put the incident behind them. "It was all very disheartening, so we're just trying to focus on the EP now and try and push it as hard as we can," Racines wrote in a recent e-mail.

We asked Racines if he could give us some background on a song from the new EP. Check out a stream of "The Price We Pay" and Racines' thoughts on the song after the break.

Rising Pain - "The Price We Pay"

Rising Pain guitarist Ricky Racines: "The song I can talk about is 'The Price We Pay,' which starts off the EP. I helped write this one. It's about questioning the way we live, why we have to sell ourselves just to survive and make a buck, how money seems to have replaced passion and purpose. Speaking for myself, I often feel like a mule! Just here to make money and make others their money."

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