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Sarah McLachlan @ Comerica Theatre

Whether we chalk it up to SB 1070 outrage or the economy or the moldy reflexive feminism of the event itself, one thing is certain about the 2010 "revival" version of Lilith Fair: It didn't come here. The all-distaff music festival was forced to scrap 13 dates last year, including Phoenix, leaving many a fan of female folk-rock broken-hearted. Well, now the event's founder and perennial headliner is making amends by returning to the Valley with a pair of fellow gal-rockers in tow, leading some to label her current Laws of Illusion tour a "mini-Lilith Fair." McLachlan will be joined by Butterfly Boucher, the Australian singer-songwriter of "A Bitter Song," who also opened for the Canadian superstar on her Afterglow tour; and Melissa McClelland, the fellow Canuck folk-rocker whom the College Music Journal once dubbed a "female Tom Waits." So it should be a fine time — though one wonders what has changed politically since last July, when McLachlan told a local journalist that she ix-nayed the Lilith Fair show over Arizona's controversial immigration law. Maybe anti-immigration firebrand Russell Pearce put in a call. We hear he's a huge fan.

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Craig Outhier