Seven Nights of DJs and Dancing

Thursday 4
Ain't Nobody's Bizness: DJ Tsunami (hip-hop, dance)

AZ 88: Mr. P-Body (synth pop, electro)

The Bunkhouse: DJ Doom (dance)

Camus: KURRENT_affairs with Pablo Gomez (electronic, rock, pop, avant-garde)

The Crown Room: DJ Gable (rock, house, hip-hop)

Cypress Lounge: DJ Giv (punk)

Deadbeats: EZ Thursdays with DJs Robin Lepel & Josh Nelson (house, techno)

e4: Limelight with DJ Tranzl8r (rock mash-ups)

Hard Rock Cafe: Skandilis (hip-hop, R&B, Latin)

Hollywood Alley: Blunt Club with Emerg McVay, Hyder, Tricky T, & more (hip-hop, breaks)

Jack's Place: Ladies' Night with Mr. DJ Ray (hip-hop, Latin, salsa, merengue)

Ky's Place: DJ Ryan Wong (New Wave, soul, garage)

The Library: DJ Diesel (Top 40, hip-hop)

Majerle's: Brown Sugar Thursdays with DJs M2 & Dre (R&B, hip-hop, Top 40)

Mardi Gras: Ladies' Night with DJ Libra (hip-hop, Top 40)

Martini Ranch: DJ Element (hip-hop, rock)

Next: Latin Night with Club 95 DJ Leo Blaze (reggaeton, hip-hop)

Pussycat Lounge: DJ Vice ('80s, rock, mash-ups, hip-hop)

The Rogue East: Jesse & Luis (indie rock)

SIX: Mint with DJ Sean Morley (funk, rock, hip-hop)

Tavern on Mill: DJ Adrenaline (various)

Zuma: DJ Sugar Bear (reggaeton, hip-hop, old school)

Friday 5
Acme Bar & Grill: Miss Natalie (house, rock, hip-hop)

Arizona Beach Club: DJ Marky Mark (dance)

AZ 88: Mr. P-Body ('80s retro)

BJ's: Urban Hardware with DJs Whytboi, Sync, Aries, Mute, & more (drum 'n' bass)

Club Central: DJ Ernie G. (hip-hop, R&B)

Club Tropicana: Club 95 live broadcast with DJ Shy (reggaeton, merengue, salsa, hip-hop)

Deadbeats: DJ Dub-XL (Top 40, hip-hop)

e4: "Evolve" with DJ Michael in the Liquid Room (high energy dance), & DJ RePhil in the Fire Room (hip-hop, R&B, dance)

E-Lounge: DJ Domenica (hip-hop, house)

Graham Central Station: DJ Mike (hip-hop) & DJ Cowboy Craig (country)

Hidden House: DJ Al Page Presents with guests (hip-hop, R&B, old school)

io: DJ Jared (house, trance)

Jack's Place: Out of Control Fridays with DJ Ram-E (hip-hop, salsa, merengue)

Ky's Place: DJ Stinky Pinky ('60s rock, garage)

The Library: DJ Diesel (Top 40, hip-hop)

Margarita Rocks: Late Nite Dance Party with DJ Steel (Top 40, hip-hop)

Matador: Caliente Chica Fridays with DJs AL3, JT, & The Manic Hispanic (reggaeton, hip-hop, old school, cumbia)

Myst: House 7340 with special guests (house)

Palazzo: Tranzylvania with DJ Dan (EBM, gothic, industrial)

Phase 54: DJ Icon (hip-hop, dance, Top 40)

Q-Lounge: DJ Mr. B (Top 40, hip-hop)

Sandbar: DJ Brandon Hassel (dance)

Scorch Bar: en masse DJs H.P. & Dan Fitak (all genres)

Sky Lounge: DJ Roberto (reggaeton, Latin pop) & DJ Leo (merengue, salsa, bachata)

Suede: DJ Jose Plotz (hip-hop, R&B, Top 40, house)

Tee Pee Tap Room: Barely Legal with DJs Deuce, AL3, & more (hip-hop, R&B, Top 40)

zGirl Club: DJs Gladys & Faye (dance, Top 40, R&B)

Saturday 6
Acme Roadhouse: DJ Switch (house)

Anderson's Fifth Estate: DJ Patrick (retro '80s) & DJ Dan (classic alternative, '80s)

Axis/Radius: DJs Swerve (hip-hop, R&B) & Phantom (house, Top 40)

Barcelona: DJ Rob (high energy dance)

Club Central: DJ Ernie G. (hip-hop, R&B)

Club Dwntwn: Beatlab with DJs Czr 3ro, Mixxman, Rubass, Joey, & Ponk (Latin pop, rock en espa--ol, reggaeton)

Club One: DJ Kocky & MC One (hip-hop, R&B)

Club u21: DJ Matt Knoche (rock, hip-hop)

Coyote Hill: DJ Mikey Mike (all genres)

Devil House: DJ Nova (Top 40, hip-hop)

e4: "Element" with Kevin Brown (progressive house) & Tranzl8r (hip-hop, rock, mash-ups)

E-Lounge: DJ Domenica (hip-hop, dance)

Hard Rock Cafe: Skandilis (hip-hop, R&B, Latin)

Harley's 2303: DJ Tsunami (progressive house)

io: Uniq Saturdays with DJ Tsunami & guests (hip-hop, R&B, Top 40, reggaeton)

Jackson's on 3rd: DJs Big Latin, Mikey Mike, Melo, & M2 (hip-hop, reggaeton, Latin)

Karamba: Kaliente Saturdays with DJ Tranz (Latin music videos) & DJ Melo (Latin house)

Layalena: Little Fox DJ (Arabic, Middle Eastern)

M3: DJ Libra (hip-hop, reggaeton)

Martini Ranch: DJ Michael (house, hip-hop)

Myst: Nitelife with DJ J. Alan (Top 40)

Owl's Nest: DJ Pete (Top 40, old school hip-hop)

Pattie's: DJ Pedro (dance)

Pussycat Lounge: DJ JR (hip-hop, mash-ups, '80s)

The Rogue East: Shake! with William F#@kin' Reed, DJ Dirty Dave, & guests (mod, glam, dance rock)

SIX: Sean Morley (funk, rock, hip-hop)

Stan's: Recycle Your WaxXx with Dirt Assasinz, Gung-Ho, & guests (house, breaks, drum 'n' bass)

Sugar Daddy's: DJs Devine & Stephanie (all genres)

Zuma: DJ Soloman (dance, hip-hop, rock)

Sunday 7
Ain't Nobody's Bizness: DJ Tsunami (hip-hop, dance)

Camus: Pink Sundays with DJs Delikacy (R&B, Britpop, soul)

Counter Culture Cafe: HeadSpace with Dr. Bones & Nick Synergy (dub, downtempo)

The Door: DJ M2 (Top 40, hip-hop, Motown)

io: Citylife with DJs Brazilia & Element (old school hip-hop & R&B)

Mardi Gras: Reggae Arizona Dub Club (reggae)

Martini Ranch: DJ De Söl (hip-hop, rock, mash-ups)

SIX: Red with Chris Hornsby (hip-hop, rock, Top 40)

zGirl Club: DJs Gladys & Faye (dance, Top 40, R&B)

Monday 8
The Door: DJ M2 & DJ Tricky T (Top 40, hip-hop)

Harley's 2303: DJ Greg (progressive house)

io: DJ John Tsunami (hip-hop, R&B, Top 40)

M3: Punk Off Mondays with DJ DTA (rock, punk)

The Rogue East: Scotty, Katie Rose, & Jason (punk, blues, soul)

SIX: DJ Drew (hip-hop, rock, Top 40)

Tuesday 9
Anderson's Fifth Estate: DJ Earth & DJ Steel (hip-hop)

Devil House: DJ Nova (hip-hop, R&B, old school)

e4: "Slave" in the Fire Room with Kevin Brown (erotic house)

io: DJ Jared (house, dance)

Marc's: DJs Victor & Calvin (Top 40, hip-hop)

Next: DJ Fashen (hip-hop)

Paper Heart: DJ Seduce's "P.A.I.N.T." (experimental, jazz fusion, funk)

The Rogue East: DJ Juaquin (electro, '80s, punk)

Stray Cat: Take Me Back Tuesdays with DJs Phat E, Reflekshin, Area 4, Jaskey, & guests (hip-hop, funk, soul)

Wednesday 10
Acme Bar & Grill: DJ Tranzl8r (hip-hop) & DJ Shane the Leo (house)

Arizona Beach Club: House Party with DJ Greggy D (hip-hop, R&B, dance)

AZ 88: Mr. P-Body (super soul, dub)

Coach & Willie's: RootsRockReggae with DJ Delikacy (reggae, dub, hip-hop)

Deadbeats: DJ Dub-XL (Top 40, hip-hop)

e4: "Wet" in the Liquid Room with DJ Soloman (dance, hip-hop)

Graham Central Station: DJ Mike (hip-hop) & DJ Cowboy Craig (country)

io: DJ John Tsunami (hip-hop, R&B, Top 40)

La Perla Cafe: Latin Wednesdays with DJ Big Latin (hip-hop, reggaeton, Latin)

McDuffy's -- Peoria: DJ Sean (Top 40, dance)

Mythos: Symposium with Rani "g" & Carlos Mena (deep house)

Palo Verde Lounge: TeeRoy (punk, '80s)

Pussycat Lounge: DJ JR (B-side rock, hip-hop)

The Rogue East: DJ Gina (New Wave, rock, '80s, punk)

Sky Lounge: Essential Wednesdays with Jayvon, Rob Quick, Matteo, & Napp-E (drum 'n' bass, old school hip-hop)

zGirl Club: DJ Gladys (industrial)

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