SXSW: Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Did you read Monday's Onion story "SXSW as Cool and as Real as It Gets, Reports Marketing Associate?"

Once again, the satirical site takes aim and takes down its target. South by Southwest mania is upon us, and chances are your social-media channels are already being inundated with dispatches from the Austin music festival. A good friend of mine who works in the industry actually went as far as to "pre-apologize" for it all: "On behalf of the music industry (myself included), I'd like to apologize for just how obnoxious we'll be this week while at SXSW. Extra apologies for any and all usage of the term 'killing it,' gratuitous name-dropping ('Oh, hey, [insert celebrity here]'), photos of long lines into parties, and whining about how tired we are. That said, I have to read your sports talk, and this is our Super Bowl, so we're even."

So, is SXSW really "our Super Bowl?"

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Matthew Reveles