Tempe Tavern on Apache & McClintock Now Open

Back in March, we blogged about the imminent arrival of Tempe Tavern on Apache and McClintock, the new bar set to take up residence in the historic White Dairy Barn building, built in 1918.

The bar opened up last weekend, with plenty of nods to classic Phoenix/Tempe bars housed within its notable walls.   

The bar's (non-working, unfortunately) phone booth used to belong in Valley favorite Buzz Funbar.

The bar used to house Tempe favorite Murphy's Pub and the New Oxbow Tavern.

The bar doesn't solely lean on fond memories, though. The kitschy, bottle-cap-covered walls by the bathroom are a fun touch.

Located just off the Apache/McClintock light-rail stop, the bar has some unique neighbors: the Grigio Metro luxury apartment complex sits just across the street, a Tempe Police station is just down the block (I watched someone get arrested in the parking lot from the 'Tavern's back patio), while the bar itself is sandwiched between the Modern World porn-shack and a Check$mart check cashing joint. Here's hoping the bar is able to capitalize on the lively nature of the location; after all, the collection of businesses has all the makings of one crazy bender. 

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