The Attitude Holds Benefit Show...for Themselves?

Seems like Phoenix band

The Attitude

has found themselves in some controversy recently.

The rock band is holding a benefit show on Thursday, February 4, for singer Jim Louvau, per the flier that's displayed on the Clubhouse Music Venue's website, but it doesn't specify what the show is benefitting, exactly.

A call to the Clubhouse went unanswered, as did a MySpace message to the band, who has read the message. A recent azcentral.com article on the band (note: Louvau works for The Arizona Republic) made no mention of where the show's profits are going to, either.

There is something that sheds a little light on the situation, though. Mike McKenzy, who is the man behind the blog www.arborcircle.posterous.com, wrote this entry explaining his take on the whole situation. The gist: McKenzy is now the step-father to Louvau's son, who wants to change his last name to McKenzy. Louvau wants to fight McKenzy and his wife, the son's mother, in court but doesn't have the funds to do so.

Voila, a benefit show to the rescue.

According to a friend of the couple, at first, the flier only said "benefit show," but after numerous calls and complaints to the Clubhouse, it was changed to "Jim Louvau benefit show".

Sounds a little shady. Hopefully The Attitude can help clear things up.

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