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The best looks we saw at the Megan Thee Stallion concert in Phoenix

The fans dressed to impress.
The looks at the Phoenix Megan Thee Stallion concert were fierce.
The looks at the Phoenix Megan Thee Stallion concert were fierce. Shi Bradley
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On Wednesday, rapper Megan Thee Stallion, with support of Memphis-based rap artist Glorilla, hit Footprint Center in downtown Phoenix on her “Hot Girl Summer” tour, and fans came out decked in an array of looks inspired by the artist.

The 29-year-old hip-hop star is recognized globally for her cutting-edge fashion looks, her bold and seductive lyricism and her larger-than-life personas — she's known for both cosplaying famous characters and creating alter egos within her music. So it’s no surprise that at this week’s Phoenix show, attendees made an effort to dress to impress.

While Megan Thee Stallion designated the fan outfit themes for the show as Anime and Y2K, there was a wide variety of creative looks to be seen in the crowd. From snakeskin accessories inspired by the latest singles off her self-titled album to looks inspired by both her and Glorilla’s personal style, here are the top eight styles we saw at the Hot Girl Summer Tour.

8. ‘Mean Girls’ inspired

With Megan Thee Stallion having recently been involved in the latest Mean Girls movie, collaborating on an upbeat pop track with Renee Rapp and dubbing herself “the Black Regina George,” it’s no surprise that many fans chose to pay homage to the Mean Girls franchise at her show, with many fans dressing in all-pink and Y2K looks reminiscent of the film’s fashion.
click to enlarge A woman in a pink outfit.
De’Shondria Williams is pretty in pink.
Shi Bradley
click to enlarge A woman in a costume.
Marie Obsuna dressed in a Regina George-inspired fit, paying homage to the iconic scene in the film where Regina wears (and ultimately popularizes) the cut-up tank top and purple bra.
Shi Bradley

7. H-Town Hottie

Megan Thee Stallion proudly hails from Houston, calling herself the H-Town Hottie, a title many fans reimagined into a look for the Phoenix show. Cowboy hats and boots, chap-style pants, tassel skirts, chain accessories and plenty of denim were seen around the arena.
click to enlarge A woman at a concert.
Erika Ikard rocks the cowgirl look.
Shi Bradley
click to enlarge Two women at a concert.
Kasandra Aparicio(left, piercing) and Cassandra Dominguez (right, red top)
Shi Bradley

6-5. Tina Snow/Hot Girl Meg

One of Megan Thee Stallion's iconic alter egos, Tina Snow, was a persona from her 2018 album of the same name, which produced fan-favorite songs such as “Cognac Queen” and “Big Ole Freak.” The character is distinguished by her winter-inspired appearance characterized by snow-white hair, white clothes and furry accessories, which many attendees chose to re-create and make their own.

The opposite alter ego is Hot Girl Meg, after which the current tour is made. Megan Thee Stallion introduced the persona on her EP “Fever Dream,” and she's described as the embodiment of Megan’s fun, carefree side with the style of a college party girl. Hot Girl Meg’s iconic looks include red, orange, cheetah prints, flame and fire decals and gold jewelry.
click to enlarge A man at a concert.
Shamal Moore wears flame decals inspired by Megan’s alter ego Hot Girl Meg.
Shi Bradley
click to enlarge Two women standing by a car.
Sisters Christina, left, and Kayla Lohmeier dressed in clothes inspired by Megan’s alter egos, Tina Snow and Hot Girl Meg.
Shi Bradley

4. Y2K

One of the themes for the show, as well as a trending fashion aesthetic, Y2K reimagines​ 2000s trends including — but certainly not limited to — denim miniskirts, low-waisted jeans, bandeau tops, velour, bedazzled pieces, beaded jewelry and hair clips.

3. Inspired by Megan

Many fans chose to just take notes from Megan’s style book for the Hot Girl Summer Tour, ranging from her tour looks, which features a snakeskin bodysuit and tassel skirts and dresses, to looks inspired by what Megan stands for as an artist and as a person: confidence, sensuality, boldness, body positivity and femininity.

Fans at the Phoenix show expressed this in a variety of ways: from platform heels and mini dresses to streetwear, the “Hot Girl Summer” tour seemed to emphasize dressing in a way that feels authentic to yourself, makes you feel confident and sexy, and encourages you to be unapologetic.
Two women standing together outside.
Kalaiah Newman, left, and Alexandria Grayman wear coordinating outfits.
Shi Bradley
click to enlarge Three women standing together at a concert.
From left, Angel Vo, Gabby Fernandez and Lisa Situ showed up styling at the Megan Thee Stallion concert.
Shi Bradley

2. Snake/animal prints

There are several songs with snake-related names on Megan Thee Stallion's upcoming album, including "Cobra" and "Boa," and animal prints in general were plentiful at the “Hot Girl Summer” tour, with fans sporting skirts, dresses, shoes, bags and accessories with cheetah, leopard, zebra and snake prints.
click to enlarge A woman standing alone outside at night.
Keirstein Justice shows off her cheetah-print hair.
Shi Bradley

1. Anime/cosplay

Another given theme of the tour was anime looks, and many fans at the Phoenix show rose to the challenge. Some fans paid homage to the theme by wearing graphic tees, dresses, sheer tops, and accessories featuring anime characters, show titles, and phrases, including Sailor Moon, My Hero Academia and more.

Some fans went all out, going as far to re-create looks of Megan Thee Stallion as anime characters. Most notably, Megan’s look as Boa Hancock in her music video for “Boa” saw several fan renditions.

click to enlarge Two women at a concert.
Friends Adela Naji, left, and Aniyah Lee pose in their anime-inspired looks.
Shi Bradley
click to enlarge Two women in costumes.
Some "Boa" cosplay.
Shi Bradley
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