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The Creeping Nobodies

Toronto-based post-punkers The Creeping Nobodies might have started as a one-off collaboration at a tribute show for The Fall, but the band's come a long way from imitating The Fall's Mark E. Smith for kicks. The Creeping Nobodies celebrate their fifth anniversary on Thursday, and while lead Creep Derek Westerholm says the band doesn't have any special birthday plans, you can bet they'll put on a memorable show nonetheless. The band is touring in support of its latest record, Sound of Joy, which was released in May on Toronto's Blocks Recording Club label and sounds like a modern version of Sonic Youth's classic Sister. The band also channels The Ex and The Birthday Party, with live shows characterized by the frenetic energy the band brings to the stage. Westerholm, in true punk fashion, is more than willing not only to hop on his bandmates, but to dive into the audience as well. In an era when many post-punk bands take on an air of cool detachment, it's refreshing to see musicians who are willing to jump right in, even if they do wind up landing on your head.
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Cortney Harding