The Devil Wears Prada's Jeremy DePoyster on Dead Throne + Hear a New Song


The Vans Warped Tour blew through Phoenix this past Sunday, and one of the bands that concert-goers were itching to see was metalcore's rising star The Devil Wears Prada. These Warped Tour veterans have three released albums and have a fourth due next month, Dead Throne. Known for heavy growling vocals, intricate guitar work and a name that sparks debate among novel readers, film buffs and religious nuts alike, The Devil Wears Prada is a force to be reckoned with.

Guitarist and vocalist Jeremy DePoyster talks to Up On The Sun about their most aggressive album to date, what they've learned from Killswitch Engage and the inspiration behind the new album's intense artwork. Click beyond the break for that interview and hear "Born to Lose" from the new record.

Up on the Sun: What songs are you most stoked to play for the crowd on Warped Tour?

Jeremy DePoyster: I'm really stoked to play "Born To Lose", being the new single, and finally getting to play the "Zombie" songs in the States. It seems insane that this is the first time we're doing that!

Is there a particular band that you get excited to watch?

I love watching Against Me, they're easily the best band on the tour in my eyes, so much heart in every song and every day, and such a talented band. The band's new album, Dead Throne is due out Sept. 13. Can you tell me what the inspiration behind the album is, and how it's different from The Roots Above and Branches Below and Zombie EP? What is behind the name Dead Throne?

I guess the main inspirations musically were just trying to write the best stuff we could. We actually were influenced a lot by the direction and the reception of the Zombie EP, with the great response from that, and knew that this one had to be heavy and nonstop. We tried to bring a bit more melody in with the guitar leads, chords, and singing, but I think it's just as aggressive as Zombie if not more.

What's your favorite song on Dead Throne, and why?

Probably a song called "Chicago," written in the city for which it's named. That song came right before we left to go to the studio and was just some progressions and slow jams in between rehearsing some of the other tracks on the album. It's so diverse from the rest of the record musically in a lot of ways, but simple and effective, and lyrically it's gut-wrenching to listen to...very passionate and angry.

What inspired the album art?

I know that Mike came up with the title for the record a while ago, big on the anti-idolatry themes, and that's something we've been focusing on as a band with all the "look at me, worship me" mentalities of so many bands out now, that I think the skull (Death) and crown (Throne) fused together gives a nice image to the themes. I believe Chris and Mike came up with it quite a while ago.

How was it recording with producer/Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz? What's something you learned from him in the studio?

We got along with Adam really well, and Chris especially and Mike and myself spent a good four weeks with him at the studio. He really helped with establishing structures in the songs, and squeezing some more leads and guitar depth out of us, which is rad. I think his biggest contribution besides the obvious sonic quality, was the way in which he pushed Mike and myself vocally. This record really showed the different voices he has, and got some really raw and pleasing takes from the two of us. I'm really happy with the outcome.

Earlier this year you guys did a big tour through Europe and played the Download Festival, right? Personally, how is touring through Europe different from touring the U.S.?

It's a little more draining, always having to adjust to the time change and whatnot, but overall it's not terribly different. Our days revolve around sound check, exploration, and finding good food before and after the set, which is not too different from here. The shows and crowds are pretty similar to the ones here.

What are some of the top tunes on your iPod?

I've always loved Interpol, The Cure, Bauhaus, The Cult, jangly guitar bands, and still listen to those almost daily, but on the aggressive side Converge is always a good favorite. Axe To Fall and Slipknot have been blasted quite a bit pre-set this tour.

I know you probably get asked this a lot, but do you find it difficult to be a Christian metal band?

Not really at all, we say what we say at every show, and have for the past six years now, it's never really been an issue. Most of the flack we get from the metal community if at all, isn't based around the fact that we're Christians, and as we get older that has gotten even less problematic. With a new album coming out and currently on tour, what does the future hold for you guys' in the next year? Taking any breaks?

Never any breaks, that's for sure. We're working on getting the record out and will have quite a bit of touring coming up but we're just waiting on the record to get into that.

Devil Wears Prada- BORN TO LOSE by Obscuro @PHXMusic

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