The Hidden House in Phoenix Closes

Turns out that Phoenix isn't immune to losing a cool and much-beloved music venue, as one of the city's more renowned hip-hop spots has gone down for the count.

The Hidden House, the midtown dive and lounge that's been a cornerstone of the local boom-bap and rap scene for more than a decade, unexpectedly closed earlier today, according to those involved with the place.

Word of the closure came via Facebook within the last couple hours, when one of Hidden House's bartenders posted about losing their job because of its shuttering. A source close to the bar also confirmed the closure with New Times and stated that it was due to its properties being "very behind" in their rent. They added that the closure is permanent and that they "locked the door for good."

The news came as a total surprise to many involved with the bar, including local promoters and performers who regularly gigged at the Hidden House.

One of them was Nick Norris, who was scheduled to hold the latest edition of ongoing Hip Hop House night that he co-promotes later this evening. Like many, he hadn't heard the news and also says he had other nights booked through November at the joint.

Turntablist David Dimmick, who performs as DJ Fact135 and serves as the night's resident, was equally shocked and saddened by Hidden House's closure. He isn't totally surprised, however, and hints at the fact (no pun intended) that the bar has had previous money troubles.

"I don't blame the landlord 1 bit. I'd [have] done the same thing. But to let the rent fall to the wayside to the point that it has to shut down...inexcusable," Dimmick says. "Aside from losing a venue that I really loved, a handful of good people are out of a job. It's a sad day for the Phoenix music scene."

And especially for the local hip-hop scene, as Hidden House was one of the few dedicated venues for the genre for what's seemed like eons.

Its side lounge has featured turntablists, rappers, b-boys, and other acts from the genre since the early Aughts onward. DJ and promoter Al Page has been involved with most of these events over the years, including his long running Saturday night gig, The Shop.

"I am very bummed out. Hidden [House] has been host to so many of us. It was a very convenient and comfortable venue," Dimmick says. "It's a shame that a place that has been there for so many of us over the years has to close."

As of this writing, there's been no word if tonight's Hip Hop House will be moved to a new location of cancelled outright. Stay tuned for any further details.

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Benjamin Leatherman is a staff writer at Phoenix New Times. He covers local nightlife, music, culture, geekery, and fringe pursuits.