The Pogues in 140 Characters or Less

Witness the progressions of Pete Icke's opinions in regards over the course of yesterday evening in regards to The Pogues' concert at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe. Much like the topic of my review of the show, the 39-year-old music blogger from Gilbert was questioning whether or not to spend such a large sum on money on the show ("Second thoughts about forking over $60 for the Pogues tonight just to see a half-conscious ill/drunk Shane MacGowan.")

But by the middle of the Pogues' set, however, Icke's mindset must have changed as he was dispatching tweets dripping with unbridled enthusiasm, like in one tweet that simply stated: "Dirty Old Town, motherfuckers."

What else did Valley music fans have to say about the show? Hit the jump for the twitterverse's reax.

DougDilly: On my way to Tempe to see The Pogues!!!

timjessup: Shane MacGowan, here we come. (Marquee Theatre, I still hate you.)

zootdingo: Food, and then to the Pogues. Shane McGowen with them for a US tour for the first time since 91.

tomwinker: Aggrolites rocked (steady). The Pogues up next...

monicavs: Pogues are on. Hoe. Lee. Fuck.

Liampalooza: Shane McGowan,sporting over-sized sweater(?!) on stage,must have 2 livers,3 voiceboxes, 4 lungs to go with bunch of crumpled up lyric sheets

olllllo: http://twitpic.com/mfyr9 - Shane forgot a verse. #pogues

roseanndevlin: Shane McGowan is the world's most lovable drunken fool. Hangovers are only for those who stop the whiskey.

ickmusic: 11:02 and Shane still standing and kicking ass!! http://yfrog.com/5ntucj

TheAggrolites: Played last night with The Pogues is Phoenix. Shane didn't fall over this time. Playing The Glasshouse in Pamona tonight with GoGo13! Stoked

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.