The Real Bar closes without notice

real.jpg I never went to the Real Bar a whole lot because, well, the service sucked and the setup for their all ages shows left the drinkers (i.e. the ones spending real money) at a sight line disadvantage when the bands were playing. It's nice to still have venues around that the kids can go to, but then again, if I'm paying four bucks a beer I want to be able to see the fucking band.

Nonetheless, I was surprised when I heard that the Real Bar had shut its doors. I'm trying to find out more information about the cause, etc., but I've heard that there's a health department notice taped to the front door, and the bar's Myspace page says that it's relocating "very soon." However, it also says that any shows currently booked will still go on, but in the comments there's a message from the California band Kill Deville, which was supposed to play on May 2nd there, saying, "NOT CONTACTING THE BANDS THAT TOUR AND DRIVE 6 HRS TO PLAY AT YOUR BAR IS CRAP. YOU WILL BE CONTACTED BY OUR ATTORNEY."

The Myspace page isn't receiving messages, but I'll try to find out what's up over there. Meanwhile, if you have any information about the bar's closing or relocation, hit me up in the comments.

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