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The Stiletto Formal

Christmas comes early this year in a pair of intimate Stiletto Formal shows, and it doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice. In fact, the arty, sex rocker-hipsters of Stiletto probably prefer the former. The band members are fresh off a string of tours and a sweaty sold-out show at the Marquee Theatre, and these Modified Arts shows are their last local gigs before they take a breather to work on an upcoming LP. In a vast sea of indie clones and scenester forgeries, the Stiletto Formal's appeal is obvious -- truly unclassifiable, the band's caterwauling vocals explode over jagged beats while atmospheric echo-box guitar and keyboards abound, and then there's that cellist -- all postured with more raw sex appeal than a Maxim cover. Consider this weekend's two-night stand their holiday gift to the hometown crowd, which comes complete with a kick-ass, handpicked opening lineup including Sacramento's rock super-duo Hella, and dance punks The Start. Did we mention they're sexy?
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Casey Lynch