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The Trunk Space is Apparently Revealing Some Sort of Surprise This Weekend

Something’s afoot at the Trunk Space’s new location – and it’s reportedly some sort of surprise that its staff is keeping under wraps. And the good news is that y’all won’t have to wait very long for it to be revealed.

According to the Trunk Space’s Facebook page, the downtown Phoenix music venue and art space will be revealing a surprise of sorts at 6 p.m. on Saturday evening, December 10. It's free to attend and will take place following the conclusion of the annual Phoenix Festival of the Arts at Margaret T. Hance Park nearby and just before that night’s Tucson’s Revenge concert at the Trunk Space..

The event page for the reveal is pretty light on details and specifics. It’s sort of understandable, given that it's a surprise and all.

“Trunk Space has something to share with you after the Phoenix Festival of the Arts 2016!” the page states.

Co-owner Steph Carrico didn’t have much to say about the surprise when asked by New Times, other than mentioning that it will involve an addition to the venue, which moved to its current home at Grace Lutheran Church this fall after leaving its old home on Grand Avenue. She also teased that the reveal will only be 15 minutes long and will be similar to something seen at Trunk Space’s original location.

“There are things that we felt were really special about the old location and we wanted to try to include some of those things in the new space,” Carrico says cryptically. “We are unveiling one of those things Saturday.”

The Tucson’s Revenge showcase – which will feature such musicians and bands as End Credits, Logan and Lucille, the Rifle, and Sugar Skull Explosion – kicks off immediately afterward.

The reveal also might be some “shenanigans," Carrico says, including a member of the Trunk Space staff dressing up in an elephant costume “because we love things that are ridiculous.”

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