Tiger Army Added to Phoenix New Times/KUKQ's That Damn Show

Tiger Army has replaced Against Me! on New Times/KUKQ's recently revived That Damn Show music festival at Mesa Amphitheatre, which includes Bad Religion, Awolnation, The Faint, and more. The news of Against Me! leaving the festival isn't too surprising, as the band canceled its spring tour with Bad Religion.

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Here's the news from Against Me!'s Facebook page.


Unfortunately we have to cancel all of our appearances scheduled for the upcoming tour with Bad Religion and Polar Bear Club.

Canceling a tour is definitely not a decision we would make lightly. At this moment, due to our current uncertainty over who is going to be playing drums with us, we feel like we are lacking the ability to put on the show our fans deserve and we think that the best thing for us to do right now is take some time to regroup and finish a record.

Punknews started a campaign to get Mikey Erg (of fellow exclamation point-loving punk band The Ergs!) to fill in on drums. Erg, who had no idea he was running until a few days ago, has an official petition with Change.org that's a mere 56 votes shy of reaching its goal. While we hope that Against Me! figures out its drummer situation soon, we aren't counting on the band rejoining the Bad Religion tour any time soon.

Psychobilly stalwarts Tiger Army played here in October, and Up on the Sun contributor Anthony Sandoval reviewed the show saying, "In the last five years [Tiger Army's] released only one album and last night's appearance marked just the second time they've hit Arizona in as many years -- but that hasn't been because of a lack of love for the Valley. Throughout the set 13 and company praised our corner of the Southwest, and thanked concertgoers often. As promised it was a special night for the spooky at heart. One full of passion, heartache, and hope."

Check out the rest of the lineup on the next page.

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