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Time Out Lounge Basks in the SXSW Run-Off with Mini-Showcases

It's been awhile since New Times has checked in with Time Out Lounge, so we decided to drop erratic radio DJ and rock-'n'-roll miscreant Westley Allen a line to see what's jumping at TOL -- Allen started booking bands at the small venue about a year and a half ago. Since then, Time Out's music offerings have made a leap from Thursday nights to shows several times a week.

"Honestly, it's turned out better than I expected," Allen says of the progress. "The room sounds really good. They bought a new PA like six months ago, which helps, but that room is just dialed. A lot of great local bands and promoters have taken notice, too."

Agreed. For whatever reason, TOL's room sounds great. A recent Vibrators show saw the OG punks prop themselves on TOL's small stage and blow through a gnarly set. The new PA held up to the band's power, and the absorbent room didn't defeat the noise.

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Michael Cryer
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