Tonight's Show Picks

There's mu-fuckin' two tonight, cuz its mu-fuckin' friday... if you're one of the artsy types, you ought to hit up the afterparty at Angelo's Lounge (16th St. north of Osborne) and check out Telemore Repair from Long Beach, along with local mofos Underwater Getdown and An Aesthetic (stupid name guys, grab a pencil and work on correcting that). If you're beat-inclined, hit up the Groovetribe 10th Anniversary party at Homme (Camelback west of Central); Jas Tynan was one of the 'Nix's premier impresarios for years, throwing legendary raves like Peace Power and other ones that the drugs I took have erased the name of from my memory, and now after stints in Prague and other weird sounding cities, he's back to celebrate his avant-skeez outfit's big Ten. and Jas opened for fucking Bill Clinton at ASU yesterday. If its good with Bubba, it's good with me.


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