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Top Phoenix Music Stories of the Week

The news waits for no one -- at least that's what we read somewhere -- so it's perfectly understandable that you, the reader, might have missed out on a musical tidbit, breaking news about your favorite venue, or one of our rants.

So enjoy this digest-style sampling of some of our biggest stories from the week of July 23-27.

Futuristic: Tempe Rapper Isn't Afraid to Dream Big

Dream Big, the latest album from cocky Phoenix rapper Futuristic, hits every style one would hope to get from a hip-hop album. There's club-ready anthems, smooth R&B ballads, and even some laid-back boom-bap, with Futuristic laughing between boisterous rhymes.

Futuristic was in the midst of a tour, having just played a lake-side music festival in Idaho, when Up On The Sun called him to chat about Dream Big.

Among the many different flavors was a standout track called "La La La," a laid-back tune propelled by mellow synths and summer vibes."I sat on that beat for a while," he says. "I liked it so much but couldn't think of what to write over it."

--Chase Kamp

Tim and Willy Let Go From KMLE; Danny Zelisko Presents Dropped By KDKB

It was a strange week in Valley radio: On Sunday, July 22, KDKB-FM (93.3) personality and local concert promoter Danny Zelisko announced that his program, The Danny Zelisko Presents radio program (also known as the Regular Guy Radio Program) was being dropped by the station, and on Thursday, July 26, country morning duo Tim Hattrick and Willy D. Loon -- better known as Tim and Willy -- gave word that their show has been dropped by KMLE-FM (107.9).

It could be a mere coincidence that former KMLE morning show host Dave Pratt (who parted ways with My 103.9 in June) posted a cryptic message ("QUESTION OF THE DAY: What radio station just offered us their morning show? LOL.") on his Facebook page today, or it could indicate that the station is looking toward trying out Pratt again. Tim and Willy took over the morning show from Pratt in 1998, as well as working at the station from 1993-1996.

--Jason P. Woodbury

Lamb of God and Dethklok Cancel Tour

The continued incarceration of Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe in the Czech Republic in alleged connection with the death of a fan in 2010 has cast the band's scheduled stop on Thursday, September 13, at Comerica Theatre in iffy light, but looks like we have a firm answer regarding the show: the band's co-headlining tour with Dethklok has been canceled.

"The band regrets the decision but the uncertainty of Randy's release makes it impossible to carry on with the tour," reads a press release announcing the cancellation of the tour, which also featured eco-metal Gojira. "Upon Randy's release, it is the band's intention to rebook a tour in the fall and at this time the band fully intends to participate in the Mayhem Cruise in December."

--Jason P. Woodbury

Check Your Thetan Levels, It's Our 10 Favorite Scientologist Musicians

Scientology just has a way of making headlines, doesn't it? The religion is a constant reference when discussing Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce, and its prompted fascinating articles like this one in the Daily Mail, which reported that Cruise supposedly has achieved an "OT level," and that "OTs can allegedly move inanimate objects with their minds, leave their bodies at will, and telepathically communicate with, and control the behavior of, both animals and human beings.'"

Weird? Yes. Interesting? You betcha. While actors dominate the list of famous Scientologists, musical history features plenty of frankly awesome Hubbard fans. Best of all? Even L. Ron himself got down on the synthesizer. See our 10 favorite Scientologist (or former Scientologist) musicians.

--Melissa Fossum

The Railroad Revival Tour: Willie Nelson, Band of Horses, John C. Reilly, and More Just Announced Shows

"Let's duet!"

The Valley hasn't been short on Willie Nelson sightings this year, but The Railroad Revival Tour's second go-round promises to deliver some signature Willie thrills with added bonuses: He'll be joined in downtown Tempe on Thursday, October 25, by John C. Reilly (yeah, he sings too), Band of Horses, and Jamey Johnson.

It's a good show among many scheduled for the Phoenix metro.

See the full list of recent show announcements.

--Richard Noel

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