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Treasure MammaL's "Real Talk Diaries" Chapter Four

Thursday, March 15

"No wonder Austinites hate SXSW," Abe says as city traffic delays our PA system pickup. "You can't get fucking anywhere in the city right now."

We drive for two hours, listening to a jazzercise mix CD a friend made for Abe, as we keep getting snagged on side trips. Eventually, we get to Breakaway Records where our buddy G. lends us his gear. But our afternoon free time has evaporated.

Our first show is at Taos Cooperative, a student housing building for University of Texas. We walk past Jimi Hendrix lookalikes and shirtless bros grilling burgers and down the stairs to Taos' basement.

I don't remember any of my college dorms having basements you could drink, smoke, and throw concerts in. Maybe UT is just different/better that way. The crowd, our youngest yet, gets 110% behind our set (although many don't seem to recognize the Celine Dion cover). Free home-brewed beer doesn't hurt the mood. Hopefully, the positive collegiate energy at Taos is good omen.

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Tye Rabens