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Picture this: It's three in the morning, long past last call. The parties have wound down, and the only place to go is the 24-hour Quick Mart. Still awake, you need a soundtrack to a dream, something soothing, yet not boring: music to lull you off to another world. The next time you find yourself in this situation, try slipping Tristeza's A Colores into your stereo. Shimmering and beautiful, the 12 tracks on this laid-back instrumental album will put you in a mellow mood. The first song, "Bromas," shows off some lovely guitar and keyboard work, while "La Tierra Sutil" dips a toe into electronica. The record is consistent but never boring, and fans of Sigur Rós and Boards of Canada will eat this up. Live, Tristeza is bathed in sound, and the show is conducive to leaning back, letting the noise wash over you, and watching your cares float away.

Tristeza, The Castanets, and Phosphorescent are scheduled to perform on Wednesday, November 30, at Modified Arts.

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Cortney Harding