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Trunk Space Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Its 10-Year Celebration and a New A/C

If you've ever been to a show at the Trunk Space in the summer -- and experienced all that goes with it, like the heat sticking to your skin -- then the venue's recently launched crowdfunding project should make you happy. Ditto for those Trunk Space fans eager to celebrate its 10th anniversary in April.

Stephanie Carrico and JRC, proprietors of the Grand Avenue DIY space, launched an Indiegogo campaign over the weekend that, if successful, will fund the venue's 10-day "Indie 500" music festival in honor of the anniversary and, more importantly, will allow the purchase of a much-needed air-conditioning unit for the venue.

According to the campaign's Indiegogo page, it's raised $2,751 toward its goal of $15,000, most of which is needed to buy and install an A/C.

Since opening in April 2004, Carrico and JRC have been enduring summers with only a swamp cooler, which tends not to be all that effective in July and August. "As anyone who has been to a Trunk Space show during a Phoenix summer can attest, we need one," the page states.


But that's not to say that the Trunk Space hasn't been cool over the past decade. The community it's fostered includes musicians, comedians, poets, artists, and performance artists. Many have started their career at the Trunk Space, regardless of age, medium, genre, or experience level. The venue has hosted late-night talk shows, music festivals, puppeteers, DJs, burlesque artists, and the list goes on.

Countless touring indie and punk acts have performed at space, including well-known artists such as Kimya Dawson, Ghost Mice, Titus Andronicus, Screaming Females, and Jason Anderson, as well as homegrown acts such as Treasure Mammal, JJCnV, Ryan Avery, or Mr. Atomm's Bombs, among others.

Fittingly, the space's 10th anniversary celebration will be just as diverse. Currently, Carrico and JRC are planning to include five or more bands each night, with each act playing 10 songs during their respective sets for a total of 500 songs. (Hence the event's title.)

"The Indie 500 will be a 10-day festival celebrating one day for every year that Trunk Space has been open," the Indiegogo's campaign state. "These funds will aid in promotion and bringing out some of our most memorable performers."

Find any upcoming show at the Trunk Space via our online concert calendar.

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