Tumblr of the Week: Album Tacos

In a similar fashion, we bring you this week's pick for Tumblr of the Week: Album Tacos, a blog collective of Photoshopped album covers that all managed to work tacos into the album artwork.

More on what's awesome about this week's Tumblr of the Week after the jump...

Album Tacos, a project that was seemingly made just for fun, was created by Steve Reidell and Aaron Brink of the Hood Internet. After all, what taco-loving music fan wouldn't want to see their favorite album covers revamped with their favorite food?

This blog makes me wish I had the Photoshop skills to make clever works of art like these:

What's particularly awesome about this Tumblr is that it's a tag team effort; the Hood Internet likes community participation. These guys encourage others to get in on the Photoshop fun and submit their own album tacos. Check out the full archive of album tacos here. Well done, Hood Internet. Good job as usual.

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