Video: Deerhoof Drummer Describes the First Time Playing (And Crashing) With Deerhunter In Atlanta

DRAWL! is a video series created by all-around Renaissance man Robbie Pfeffer and New Times that focuses on the odd and exciting experiences that make life in a band interesting. With a mix of first-person storytelling and animation, DRAWL! hopes to show that these artists’ lives can be just as engaging as their music.

We're not sure how serious Deerhoof's Greg Saunier is being when he says that the band Deerhunter formed as a joke in order to open for Saunier's group at as how in Atlanta, Georgia, but we're laughing nonetheless. 

In this installment of DRAWL!, Saunier relates the story of how Deerhunter — what he describes, tongue firmly in cheek, as an "improv noise group" — befriended Deerhoof immediately. Deerhunter drummer Moses Archuleta invited his new pals to crash at his house, and the experience was as grimy and disgusting as you'd expect from a random band in Atlanta.

Deerhoof is known as one of the leaders in out-there rock, writing catchy-as-hell songs about pandas and altogether defining what it means to be a DIY band for decades. New Times caught up with the band when they last swung through town and got the scoop on a story from deep in the band's annals. 

Correction: The headline for this post originally did not refer to Greg Saunier as Deerhoof's drummer.

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