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Tom Carlson

Phoenix Music Madness: And Then There Were Eight. Vote Now for your Favorite Local Bands!

The first round of Phoenix Music Madness is over, and man, were there some surprises.

Let's start with the east bracket, where newcomers Phantom Party have squeaked by the scene fixtures Fairy Bones by a mere 26 votes. Phoenix hasn't seen an upset like this since Charles Barkley sank a dagger into the San Antonio Spurs' hearts in the 1993 playoffs.

They'll move on to face another low seed in CooBee Coo, which edged out Foresteater by an even slimmer margin of 18 votes.

On the bottom half of that bracket was the close battle between PRO TEENS and Jerusafunk. With two clever band names going head to head, Jerusafunk sailed away with this one, and the klezmer-funk band will face Harrison Fjord in the next round, which asserted itself powerfully against seven-seed Lonesome Wilderness. 

Crazy upsets happened on the other side of the bracket as well. Bear Ghost summarily dismissed Manoz Zuziaz and moved on to face Vintage Wednesday, which upset Father Figures by just 11 votes. The Stakes passed by Red Tank!, and Andy Warpigs passed by decker. with just a 14-vote cushion.

That brings us up to date on the bracket. We will now proceed with a final round of voting, which will determine who plays the free Phinal Phour concert at Rebel Lounge on Wednesday, March 29. Voting ends on Tuesday, March 21, at noon.

Check out the bracket below, then listen to some tracks by all eight remaining bands.

Phoenix Music Madness: And Then There Were Eight. Vote Now for your Favorite Local Bands!EXPAND
Tom Carlson

Bear Ghost - "Starkiller"

Vintage Wednesday - "Uncharted"

The Stakes - "3 in the Chamber"

Andy Warpigs - "Everybody Likes You Now"

Phantom Party - "Tunnel of Love"

CooBee Coo - "Liven Up"

Jerusafunk - "Bb Minor Bulgar"

Harrison Fjord - "Approximately 906 Miles [Live on the Mogollon Rim]"

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