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VW Trainwreck On Hiatus Following One Incredible, Earth-Shaking, Scene-Shattering Show

Just weeks after totally remaking the Arizona music scene with a show that rivaled the insane intensity of the Beatles at Shea Stadium, VW Trainwreck is on hiatus.

I'm just kidding about their show, folks, it probably sucked. But the band, who you may recall caused a big stink with the release of a flier I thought was worse than tasteless to promote their "must-see" show at Big Fish Pub, is taking some time off. They are now without a bassist and their singer, Kevin Wunder, is moving to Chicago.

You may recall this is the guy who, two weeks ago, was vowing to "violate" all us "stale" "dinosaurs" and totally re-make the Tempe scene:

"We are launching a mini-revolution in the "SCEEEENE," and I want you to come see us live to see what I'm talking about (and when you see it with your own eyes, you may start to understand why we have an appeal that is hard-fought for and earned...and isn't born out of any cheap tricks or antics)"
Turns out that mini-revolution was very, very miniature. Approximately one show in length, actually. The band is not breaking up, vows Kevin but we'll have to wait for more.
VW Trainwreck will never die as long as me and Brandon Volkenant are alive (much to your displeasure AND the displeasure of the thousands of crappy local bands that we make look bad.) I am going to Chicago for a few months (leaving in a week) to do some comedy stuff with a friend, and while I'm doing that, Brandon is most likely going to get paid to drum for Die Ignorant on their Guttermouth tour comin up. In the meantime, we have about 10-ish new songs we are developing (a few of which we debuted at the show), and we will be recording and writing, and generally (compulsively) staying active in the "SCEEEEEENE"......forever...and ever.
Why is it always the asshats who complain the loudest about New Times not "supporting the scene" that move to Chicago? Pathetic. To anyone who criticized me for not taking these guys, and the Arizona punk scene in general, more seriously, I say, "No apology necessary."


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