Why Dillon Francis Will Never Name His Future Children After Taco Bell Menu Items

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Despite anything you might've read online, Dillon Francis does not own a Taco Bell. That was just a clever April Fool's prank. That said, the infamous dance-music producer seems to spend enough time patronizing the fast food chain and professing his love for its various menu items that one could easily make that assumption.

As we mentioned in this week's music feature on Francis and the Mad Decent Block Party, which makes its Valley debut later tonight, the 26-year-old is a man of many passions. And just off the tops of our heads, that includes, but is by no means limited to, his aforementioned love of Taco Bell, as well as a big thing for cats, Internet weirdness, and absurd humor.

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Oh, and the block parties, of course, which he's been a part of since joining the Mad Decent crew back in 2011. We discussed all of these topics at length during a recent phone interview with the L.A. native, learning about how he's more than just "the cat guy" and now has a thing for a certain "Canadian dog," and yeah, we talked about Taco Bell.

All of these things play a role in one of Francis' most recent tracks, "I Can't Take It," a moombahton-heavy jam that he states on SoundCloud is inspired, in part, by "that fucking Taco Bell on Beverly constantly running out of Fire Hot Sauce" and features one of the oddest videos you'll see on the Internet in the next five minutes.

We also learned that, regardless of his twitterpation for Taco Bell, there are limits to his love. (Hint: he won't ever be naming one of his future children after his favorite menu options, no matter how much he loves Doritos Locos tacos.)

What was it like playing your first-ever Mad Decent Block Party in 2011?

It was just awesome for people to even want to hear me play music. I still think its awesome like that, that people are going to come to the shows to see me. I've always had a big smile on my face . I remember the first one I played was in L.A. and it was awesome. It was in downtown, and I remember going on, it was just, I think my first EP just came out. I just had a really good time.

Do you make things a lot weirder with you set for the Mad Decent Block Party?

No, that's just a normal thing for my set. I just put out a new video called, "I Can't Take It," a lyric video for the song that everyone knows the lyrics too, which is the whole joke of it, but we'll probably use that where it says I shit the bed or that I pee sitting down and just put that on the screen. We have a bunch of video content that has all that stuff that makes people laugh. I love making people laugh.

How did the video come about?

So I work with this company called PizzaSlime very closely, and they do a lot of design stuff for me. And they sent me a picture with this idea they had of this piece of fried chicken and was like, "You like this sort of thing?" and explained what they were going to do. And I was like, "Oh my god, that's perfect. Definitely make it like that and add some more crazy things into it." Its just a collaboration. Its usually me, my management, and the guys from PizzaSlime that get on the phone and talk about, "Let's do this stupid shit that we're talking about." You know, that a piece of broccoli thing saying "Let's fucking lose it" in a music video. Its definitely a conversation we've had on the phone. Those are my business conversations.

Have you ever been part of a comedy troupe or have you just done the solo thing with your funny stuff?

Yeah, its just all by myself. I want to try and find one, but right now I just don't have enough time with touring and everything. But, you know, maybe down the line when stuff starts to slow down a little bit.

How come there aren't any cats in the lyric video for "I Can't Take It"?

We just kind of felt we needed to have a "Canadian Dog" in there. I know, I'm "the cat guy," but I just had to. It looked so good. They [PizzaSlime] just showed me the dog and I was obsessed by it because it had glasses on. We didn't use a cat with glasses, you know, but down the line we'll probably use one.

So is any of your humor or all the funny things you post online the result of any mind-altering substances?

He swears that its not the product of any sort of mind-altering substances, just his particular bent: "Definitely not. I don't condone those things. I just like being weird with stuff like that. I mean, that doesn't mean that the videos trippy in terms of kinda looking like an acid trip, but that wasn't the intention on my side of it. My side of it just like it looks really funny with animated broccoli and the world spinning around.

The video is almost like the Internet in video form.


Is the Mad Decent Block Party a place for oddballs such as yourself or Riff Raff?

Yeah, totally. We both are into it.

According to a video I saw with you and Riff Raff on YouTube, its a place for eating tacos and having sex to, or words to that effect.

[Laughs] Exactly. I think that was a video for last year's Mad Decent Block Party.

Do you still feel that way?

Yeah, of course. You have to love tacos and sex.

Just don't mix the two.

Definitely. No food porn.

Do you still have as big a thing as ever for Taco Bell?

Oh, of course. On Twitter, I just posted about me being "employee of the month."

Why do you love the place so much?

I've grown up on Taco Bell. Well, not grown up on it, but we'd always road trip with my mom and my mom's friends, and every single time we'd do it, we'd always stop at Taco Bell and get like 20 hard-shell tacos for everyone. And it just reminds me of when I was young and [its] very comforting. I've always loved their food, loved their ground beef, even with all the shit that people talk about it.

What was your reaction to the whole meat controversy?

I didn't even pay attention. I was like, "That's cool," and them go on eating tacos. They're kind of like cigarettes, you know? Like, "Oh yeah, they're really bad for you, but they taste really good."

What's you opinion on the Doritos Locos tacos?

Awww, best creation in the world. Seriously. I think its the best.

Which one is your favorite?

The normal nacho cheese ones. There's nothing better than that. One of the most genius creations ever. I think that's what saved Taco Bell. I mean, Taco Bell was already one of my favorites, but then when they came out with that, I just feel like they cleaned up.

Do you have any desire to name your future kids after Taco Bell menu items?

[Laughs] Definitely not. I do not know what I'm going to name my kids and, no offense, never going to name them after Taco Bell items.

Are you sure? Nachos Bell Grande Francis has a nice ring to it.

[Laughs] Yeah, positive. Or Mexican Pizza Francis. Oh my god.

The Mad Decent Block Party is scheduled to visit Rawhide Western Town on Friday, September 12, at Rawhide Western Town.

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