Arizona Extremist Jon Ritzheimer Mocked By New Twitter Hashtag: #DaddySworeAnOath

It was only a matter of time until Jon Ritzheimer — the ex-Marine, anti-Islamist Arizonan holed up in a federal building in Oregon — inspired his own hashtag. 

Yesterday the world watched #VanillaISIS, #YallQaeda, and #YeeHawd take off on Twitter, and today we have a new one: #DaddySworeAnOath.

This hashtag, created by singer-songwriter John Darnielle of the Indie-folk and often-humorous band, The Mountain Goats, specifically mocks a recent video posted by Ritzheimer.

As New Times wrote about yesterday, Ritzheimer shed a few tears in a "goodbye" video he filmed for his wife and kids, and then promptly shared it with the world.

As he sat in his truck, Ritzheimer held up a pocket-sized copy of the U.S. Constitution and explained to his two daughters that he's in Oregon — and not with them on Christmas and New Year's Eve — because he took an oath to defend the Founding Father's document:

“You see, [I] swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, which is blatantly under attack. But the only way to defend it is to actually take a stand and defend it."

Ritzheimer is one of about a dozen other armed protesters that took over an unoccupied building on a federal wildlife preserve in Burns, Oregon to protest the "tyranny and oppression" of the U.S. federal government. The protest came after a federal judge ordered two Oregon ranchers to serve their full prison sentence for arson.

In a tweet today, Darnielle called on "Patriotic Twitter" to fight back "and do the necessary," and posted the first video of his own ridiculous oath.

The following are examples of the oh-so-Patriotic response:

Watch the full video by Ritzheimer:

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