Arizona Lands on the Daily Show Yet Again, This Time for "Protecting Guns From People"

Yet again, the state of Arizona is the subject of one of Comedy Central's "news" programs, this time thanks to Tucson gun advocates who are "standing up for guns."

This time, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart profiled the gun worshipers who are protesting the gun-buyback programs in Tucson, as well as Republican-turned-Democrat Tucson councilman and "gun Hitler" Steve Kozachik.

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John Oliver shows gun-nut Charles Heller photographs of guns being destroyed. It reminds Heller of "the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943," because what rational person wouldn't equate a picture of burning guns with an event in which thousands of Jews were murdered in cold blood, as part of a holocaust in which millions more were murdered? (Answer: Every rational person.)

Oliver also sums up the outisder's persepctive of Arizona pretty well: "Arizona is such a great place to be a gun, just a [censored] place to be a person."

Check out the clip below:

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