ASU Opens Voting for Sparky Design to Replace the Child-Predator Costume

Arizona State University has opened the voting process to replace the recently designed costume for Sparky the Sun Devil, and the four options for the new, new Sparky look far less likely to be behind the wheel of a windowless white van, telling children that they have candy and puppies in the back.

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The voting process opened early this morning -- it can be accessed here -- and it's closing on May 5.

Shortly after ASU showed off its new design for the Sparky mascot costume a couple months ago, the University announced that it had "received feedback from some of its constituents about the design of the head and face of the mascot costume," which was an understatement, because it was scary as hell.

The actual logo wasn't changed, and "Option B" pictured above is probably closest to what the old mascot looked like. Still, all four of the designs are at least a little toned down from the one unveiled earlier this year.

The voting process is only open to ASU students, faculty, staff, alumni, football season ticket holders, Sun Devil Club members, and donors, so if you're not one of those, you're SOL for the vote.

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