Baby Gabriel's Pops Logan McQueary Pleads Guilty to Another Crime; Elizabeth Johnson Skips Court Again

There aren't many consistencies in the case of missing baby Gabriel Johnson, except for the boy's pops lengthening his rap sheet, and Gabriel's mom not showing up to court.

Both of those happened again this morning.

Logan McQueary, who had moved out of the state, was in a Maricopa County courtroom this morning to plead guilty to a misdemeanor theft charge, earning himself a year on probation.

That's the latest entry in McQueary's criminal history, which includes a conviction last year for reckless driving, a plea deal in 2005 that allowed him to avoid three felony burglary charges, another theft-related conviction that same year, an under-21 alcohol consumption citation in 2004, and a few couple cases regarding driver's license violations.

Then there's Johnson, who's been in jail since being charged with kidnapping in the disappearance of Gabriel, who was last seen when Johnson went on a trip to San Antonio in late 2009.

Johnson, as we've identified here a few times, is not a big fan of showing up to court -- and that includes today's court hearing.

Johnson's appearance apparently wasn't mandatory, but her next court date is scheduled for next month, while she's expected to go to trial on a handful of charges later this year.

Meanwhile, there was also a pretrial hearing for Tammi Smith, the woman who had hoped to adopt Gabriel before he went missing.

Smith was arrested in early 2010, accused of helping Johnson try to cheat the adoption process.

McQueary's reportedly agreed to testify in Smith's trial, and a court spokesman said this morning that attorneys were discussing what to allow at the trial -- like McQueary's criminal history.

In the meantime, the kid's still missing.

While Johnson was M.I.A., she sent text-messages to McQueary, saying she killed the baby and put his body in a dumpster.

She later changed that story up a bit and said she gave the baby to a random couple she met at a park in San Antonio.

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