Ben Quayle Didn't Seem Upset With Immigration Policy Obama Announced Before the Name "Obama" Was Attached

Last month, Congressman Ben Quayle was talking about an idea for immigration policy that was being floated around, calling it "something that's intriguing, that we should be looking at."

Quayle was on 12News explaining the idea of a "blue card," a way for people who were brought to the United States illegally when they were young to be able to stay here, without a path to citizenship.

Senator Marco Rubio from Florida had been preparing a similar idea, and Quayle didn't seem to be that upset about the thought -- that is, until the Obama administration effectively took the idea and announced it to the country.

Now, in a statement from Quayle, it's a "backdoor-amnesty program."

"The incompetence of this administration in dealing with our porous southern border is evidenced by the latest U.S. Customs and Border Patrol memo, which outlines a policy of catching, and releasing illegal immigrants that the administration arbitrarily deems 'low priority,'" Quayle says. "This comes as Northern Mexico is in chaos, the upcoming Mexican Presidential election could dramatically alter our security arrangements with Mexico and the flow of drugs continues unabated."

Quayle's going back to his basics for immigration, according to his statement, following the line of Governor Jan Brewer in "secure the border."

We found the above video over at Seeing Red, and you can watch Quayle's 12News bit below:

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