Cops Go to Question David Denton About Hotel Burglary; Leaves Meth and Heroin With 6-Year-Old and Jumps Off Third-Floor Balcony

David Denton did not want to talk to the cops this weekend while staying at the Arizona Grand Resort.

This urge to avoid the cops was so bad that police say Denton, 33, left his meth and heroin stash with his 6-year-old kid and jumped off the third-floor balcony to hide (unsuccessfully) in a kitchen.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, hotel security had previously talked to Denton about not paying for his room, so they brought the cops along this time to talk about a car burglary that happened there.

As soon as police got into the room, Denton ran out onto the balcony, jumped onto an overhang, and eventually landed on the ground.

Denton locked himself in a kitchen room that was used as a storage area for dishes, which was unlocked by employees as police arrested Denton after he put up a fight.

Then police found Denton's 6-year-old kid alone in the hotel room, along with ice buckets holding some meth, heroin, a meth pipe, and some tinfoil "well within reach" of his kid.

To make things worse for Denton, police say he also had a pair of counterfeit $50 bills in his pocket when he was arrested, and the person in a surveillance video seen stealing golf clubs from a car and then driving off was identified as being Denton.

Denton was booked into jail on a grand total of nine felony charges, including narcotic drug possession, dangerous drug possession, burglary, criminal damage (for causing $1,000 worth of damage to tiles on his balcony jump), forgery, resisting arrest with physical force, and two counts of possessing drug paraphernalia.

Denton's been ordered to only have contact with his kid by phone.

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