Could the Arizona Cardinals Possibly Suck Any More Than They Did on Sunday?

"Well, it can't get any worse than that," we've said for several weeks now of watching the Arizona Cardinals lose in miserable fashion.

After seeing the Cardinals lose by 58 points -- by a score of 58-0 -- to the Seattle Seahawks, we're now wondering if it's actually possible to be any crappier.

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Seriously. Is it within the realm of possibility to compile a bigger shit sandwich than the Arizona Cardinals did in Seattle on Sunday?

There were eight turnovers. John Skelton -- who, in all seriousness, was named the starting quarterback at the beginning of the season -- threw four interceptions, and fumbled the ball away once. Ryan Lindley also fumbled, as did Patrick Peterson. Peterson also muffed a punt.

The Cardinals made it inside the Seahawks' 40 on two occasions. The first was on the first drive of the game, and Skelton tossed his first interception.

The second time, the Cardinals faced a fourth down on the Seahawks 39, after one of the Cardinals' best drives of the game, which lasted six plays and went 23 yards. Coach Ken Whisenhunt sent in Dave Zastudil for the 30-yard punt with the Cardinals down 51 points.

Only two teams have been shut out worse in the Super Bowl era than the Cardinals were on Sunday, and they both suffered 59-0 losses -- one point crappier than the Cardinals.

So, let's go to this morning's question: could the Cardinals possibly suck more than they did on Sunday?

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