Five Months Out of Prison, Convict Accused of Felonious Rampage

It seems Nicholas Kenneth Izzi didn't learn too much after spending four years and four months in the Arizona State Prison at Kingman -- or maybe he's just hoping for a reunion with that orange jumpsuit.

Police arrested Izzi just after noon Wednesday, less than a month after cops say he beat a man with some sort of pipe and shot another man. That same day, he bound a third man while burglarizing his house.

According to documents obtained by New Times, cops say Izzi's rampage started when he went with a female friend to sell a power tool to an acquaintance on the 3400 block of Bluefield Avenue in Phoenix January 21.

As Izzi and the man went into a back bedroom, the man turned his back and Izzi struck him over the head and in the forehead with an unknown object, believed to be a pipe or baton of some type.

The man fell to the ground when Izzi pulled a revolver from his sock and pointed it at the victim, robbing him of $1,500 cash.

Izzi's female friend and another woman in the house heard the struggle, and went to the neighbor's house for help.

As the neighbor came into the house to help break up the fight, police say Izzi shot him in the arm and took off.

Meanwhile, the man clubbed in the head found his assault rifle and began shooting as Izzi ran down the street.

Witnesses told police the man fired several rounds from the assault rifle, with one striking Izzi in the abdomen.

As the suspect ran off, the victim turned the rifle to Izzi's red pickup truck, getting off six rounds into the truck.

Izzy surfaced again on Wednesday, when police say he and an unknown accomplice went to a house on the 20600 block of North 36th Avenue and knocked on the door.

A man answered, and Izzi clubbed him over the head with either a tire iron or crowbar.

Izzi then bound the man with nylon rope, and looted the man's house.

First was a toolbox with $3,000 worth of tools, then a Makita drill and an impact tool, followed by numerous amplifiers and subwoofers, a computer, class ring, and between eight and 10 remote-controlled helicopters.

The man told police Izzi said, "I swear to God I'll slit your throat if you call the police or report this."

Well he did call the cops, and they arrested Izzi later that day.

Tying Izzi to the crimes wasn't that difficult, either, since he decided to rob people who knew him.

Both the first man he's accused of robbing for $1,500 and the man he's accused of binding and burglarizing his house knew him by name.

Add in the fact that the man he shot in the shoulder was able to identify him, and Izzi's girlfriend gave the cops boxes full of stuff he allegedly stole, he made it pretty easy for police.

Izzi was arrested and book on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of armed robbery, and one count each of kidnapping, burglary, and possession of a weapon by a prohibited person.

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Matthew Hendley
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