Grab Your Glocks and Head to the Bar; New Law Goes Into Effect Mañana

The idea of guns in a bar sounds about as stupid, unbelievable, and flat-out dangerous as Snakes on a Plane.  

Somehow, this is not some cheesy Sam Jackson movie riddled with F-bombs and stupid plot lines, this is what reality has become in Arizona.

As New Times reported in July, the Arizona Legislature, in its infinite wisdom, passed a law,  signed by Governor Jan Brewer, to allow guns in Arizona bars. Tomorrow, that law goes into effect, and every hillbilly with a concealed-weapon permit can take his pistol to the pub.

In July, Representative Jerry Weiers tried justifying the law to New Times by describing an unlikely scenario in which he leaves his gun behind as he goes to eat a meal.

"I'm carrying that weapon to protect myself, which I have the right to do. What sense does it make for me to have to leave it in the car when I could be accosted in the parking lot?" Weiers says.

Be it paranoia or an inflated ego, Weiers seems to think he is in some action flick.

Bar owners have the option to keep guns out of their bars, and those who opt to disallow them are getting state-issued signs to let pistol-packin' patrons know that they are not welcome.

Let's see how long it takes for some idiot to put a bullet in one of those signs, as if it were a road sign on some dusty desert highway.

Welcome back to the Wild West. 

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