Media Day

It's called a "media circus" for a reason

In the middle of a crowded Super Bowl Media Day, New York Giants rookie cornerback Darren Barnett asked, to no one in particular, "I'm I the only one that guy interviewed?" Turns out "that guy" was a bilingual puppet from Spanish language network Telemundo.

Thomas Bond

Take a look at our slideshow.

And that was far from the only strange happening at this all-too-appropriately named "media circus." New England Patriots quarterback and NFL MVP Tom Brady received a marriage proposal from a reporter in a skimpy bridal gown, Giants receiver Kelley Washington tried on a pair of oversize red high-heel pumps for "The Tonight Show," and another puppet -- a mouthy orangutan -- foisted a microphone in front of players. Oh yeah, Giants QB Eli Manning got a marriage proposal, too. From the same woman in the same skimpy bridal dress that proposed to Brady.

Of course, some things were very much business as usual. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick looked bored out of his mind while praising the Giants like it was that club, and not his own, that was gunning for the first 19-0 season in NFL history. And players from both clubs served up every sports cliche you can think of while media members from around the globe jostled to record the moment for posterity.

For a taste of the wacky and wonderful world of Super Bowl Media Day at University of Phoenix Stadium, take a look at our slideshow.

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Thomas Bond
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