Joe Arpaio: Two Men (One of Whom is a Teacher) Arrested Trying to Have Sex with Dogs via Craigslist

Apparently for two men arrested Thursday, "doing it doggy style" meant finding people on the internet who would let them have sex with their dogs.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced the arrests of Keith Kiefer, 47, and Patrick Trejo, 25, after an ongoing investigation revealed the men were using Craigslist to try and find dog owners willing to offer up their pooches for sexual activity.

Arpaio says the investigation, which began in December, started because deputies "became aware" that people were using Craigslist to try and nail non-humans.

Detectives began to decipher the secret language used in the having-sex-with-animals circles -- leading them to Kiefer, who is unemployed, and Trejo, a music teacher at Raul H. Castro Middle School in Phoenix.

Apparently they were actually willing to engage in some puppy love, as Arpaio says the two men agreed to meet a man and his dog at a local hotel for some sex acts before the cops arrested them.

In case you missed it, this isn't the first time this week the cops have arrested some alleged perv of being fascinated with bestiality -- click here for that one.

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