Joe Arpaio's "Birther" Madness Continues to Get Worse -- Sheriff May Testify in Florida

As has happened numerous times before, we wrote about another ridiculous aspect of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "birther" investigation earlier in the day, and it's gotten more ridiculous just hours later.

We told you just before noon about Arpaio submitting an affidavit to a Florida court to support an attorney's challenge to President Barack Obama's eligibility, as self-proclaimed "activist attorney" Larry Klayman explained he's trying to stop the president from helping Muslims take over the world.

Now Arpaio thinks he might have to take a trip over to the Florida Panhandle to testify.

"I have been subpoenaed by a Florida attorney in reference to my Obama birth certificate investigation," the typewriter-ridden Arpaio's ghost "tweeters" write. "May have to go there to testify."

Arpaio, conspiracy theorist/alleged "special deputy" Jerome Corsi, and MCSO Cold Case Posse "investigator" Michael Zullo have all submitted affidavits in a Leon County, Florida court, in an effort to get a hearing to argue whether Obama is a natural-born citizen, with the ultimate goal of getting him off Florida's ballots.

Arpaio's affidavit talks about his so-called investigation into "Barrack Obama," although it's not as if his allegations of the president forging documents had any credibility to lose.

His affidavit also officially changes his story about the "brither" garbage being at "no cost to taxpayers." This affidavit says it's being done "at virtually no cost to the tax payer."

That "no cost" thing kind of went out the window when Arpaio sent a deputy to Hawaii for "birther" purposes, saying the Cold Case Posse -- which has begged for donations on multiple occasions -- will probably pay back the cost at some point.

Arpaio will also be taking his staff to go go-kart racing in the middle of the day tomorrow for his birthday, which has also been billed as having no cost to John Q. Taxpayer.

In the meantime, there's been no indication that the actual law enforcement -- it's sometimes easy to forget MCSO does that -- is making changes to what the Justice Department calls the worst racial-profiling practices in American history.

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