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Joe Arpaio's Dinner in San Francisco Crashed by "Queer Nuns"

Our comrades in the Bay Area, S.F. Weekly, found Sheriff Joe Arpaio at a restaurant in San Francisco's Union Square last night, (unintentionally) having dinner with folks who call themselves an "order of queer nuns."

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It appears that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence actually butted in on Arpaio's dinner date, and the Weekly's Erin Sherbert says Arpaio "wasn't too thrilled to be dining that close to the salacious sisters."

MCSO informed media members a few days ago that Arpaio's in San Francisco to be "a keynote speaker at the California Alarm Association about ideas on jail policies and immigration reform."

As usual, there's also a publicity stunt involved -- middle-school kids from the San Francisco area had mailed Arpaio letters critical of his immigration-enforcement policies as part of a class project, so Arpaio planned on showing up to the school to give the kids a talking-to, but that meeting didn't happen.

"In the majority of the letters SB1070 and Sheriff Arpaio are looked upon as racist," MCSO explains in the press release. "The letters imply Sheriff Arpaio is an advocate for breaking up families and jailing illegal immigrants who come to the United States to live and work."

We have no idea why these kids would think that -- see "Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Office Commits Worst Racial Profiling in U.S. History" and "Joe Arpaio Looks Like Tired, Old Racist on Stand During Racial-Profiling Trial" for a couple possibilities -- but Arpaio planned to give 'em the old just-enforcin'-the-law speech he's been recycling for years.

During Arpaio's dinner party last night, though, Arpaio's message to the Weekly was, "You know I locked up your boss, right? Good luck."

(Arpaio seems to have omitted the word "falsely" from his quip.)

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