Law is WAR: Video of Dennis "the Menace" Wilenchik vs. Judge Timothy "The Hair" Ryan (now w/improved video)

Round one of the Wilenchik-Ryan donnybrook.

(We've improved the video a bit on these. Don't know why Round 2 is so choppy, but at least the sound is better.)

For fans of scintillating courtroom drama, here finally are highlights from last Wednesday's legal rumble between PHX pit bull attorney Dennis "the Menace" Wilenchik and his black-robed foe with the amazing coif, Timothy "The Hair" Ryan. Wilenchik was appearing before Judge Ryan as a representative of County Attorney Candy Thomas, asking that Ryan recuse himself from all of the County Attorney's cases before Maricopa County's Superior Court. My initial account of the blow-by-blow appeared in my Thursday post, Demon law dog Dennis Wilenchik vs. Judge Timothy Ryan, video to come. Sorry it took so long to get this up. I've been a little preoccupied following the media furor over Knickerbocker Carol Anne Gotbaum's Houdini-like death-dance in police custody.

Round One came as Ryan was asking detailed Qs of The Wily One concerning his cunning motion. Round Two came after a recess, and found W. as pugnacious as ever, ready to tear the justice a new mudflap with his mandibles. The smooth as goose-droppings Ryan, though, gave as good as he got, applying a perfumed verbal ice pick to the kidneys like a Turkish assassin on hash. You be the judge as to who was the winner. And if you're not a fan of courtroom drama, well, imagine these are actually two hot babes in Victoria's Secret underwear mouthing the same back-and-forth, and that should help. Either that or fistful of stanky chronic weed. Or both!

And if anyone knows Judge Ryan, can someone let me know who does his hair? It's murder finding a good barber in this burg.

Part deux, otherwise known as "Revenge of the Sith."

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